Question Answer
Es Is
Yo I
Eres You
Ustedes You all
Son TheyYou all are
Soy I
Somos We are
You (inform) Tu
You (formal) Usted
ElElla HeShe
We (m)We(f) NosotrosNosotras
You All (Spain) VosotrosVosotras
You all Usteds
They (m/f) EllosEllas

MDA 111 exam tech ch.18 mda 111 exam tech

Term Definition
Patients medical HX in their medical record includes: a summary of the patients prior health status
Patient sister died of lung CA. family history
"Good morning Mr. Smith my name is April i'll be your ____________ today, nice to see you again in our clinic." medical assistant
Which is considered a subjective symptom ….Dizziness/Open wound, fever, rash Dizziness
The chief complaint (CC) is …?((where does this info come from))??the patient/the doctor/the receptionist the patients own words
What is considered a sign?Fever/itching/tingling/dizziness Fever
Family hx includes info about all family members BUT:Mother/Father/Aunts/Spouses Spouses
Body system info should be recorded in what section:PHx/ demographics/FHx/ROS/plan/SOAP ROS
traits or disorders passed down from your grandmother would be documented as _________ in the ______ section of the medical record? Hereditary, FHx
This info would be found where in the patients medical record:April Higgins, 12345 west lovers lane, antehm AZ 85086 (623)123-45678 BCBS policy number# XBU850876291470 Patient demographics
An effective patient interviewer pays close attention to the patients: verbal and nonverbal cues and adjusts the interview as needed
to help decrease your patients anxiety level you should: explain any expectations to the patient
The process of gathering info to determine the patients problem is called Assessment
Present illness questions….(6 ?'s) chronology/ location and severity/self treatment/quality and duration
Tay-Sachs Dz/Marfans syndrome/Huntington Genetic disorders.
To obtain accurtate info from your patients in the interview you need to have what skills? Active listening skills
"What brings you into the office today" is an example of what type of interview question? open ended

science quiz

Question Answer
global warming
greenhouse effect
what are the air masses
how and where could air masses form
what do the air mass letters represent m- c- T- P-
what geographic feature mostly on the East Coast
How are air pressure and elevation are related
how do air fronts form; warm, cold, stationary, and occluded
explain land breezes and sea breezes
what are the main contents of the atmosphere and their percentages
why is air pressure greatest at earths surface
how is wind created
how do convection currents occur
how does fog and other weather occurences relate to the water cycle

Geometry Ch. 6 Terms

Term Definition
Diagonal A segment in a polygon that connects any two nonconsecutive vertices.
Parallelogram A quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel.
Rectangle A parallelogram with four right angles.
Rhombus A parallelogram with all four sides congruent.
Square A parallelogram with four congruent sides and four right angles.
Trapezoid A quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.
Base The parallel sides in a trapezoid.
Legs The nonparallel sides in a trapezoid.
Base Angles Formed by the base and one of the leg.
Isosceles Trapezoid If the legs of a trapezoid are congruent
Midsegment of a Trapezoid The segment that connects the midpoints of the legs of a trapezoid.
Kite A quadrilateral with exactly two pairs of consecutive congruent sides.

Unit 4 Vocabulary

Term Definition
Aggressive quick to fight or quarrel
Associate V. to join or be partnersN. a partner, friendAdj. having less than full rank
Deceive to trick a person into believing in something not true
Emigrate to leave one?s home country to live in another
Flexible able to bend without breaking
Glamour mysterious charm
Hazy unclear
Linger to stay longer than expected
Luxurious providing ease and comfort
Mishap an unfortunate but minor accident
Overwhelm to overcome by superior force
Span n. the full reach or lengthv. to stretch or reach across

chapter 5 law

Question Answer
assault at intentional threat to physically or offensively injure another
battery b harmful or offensive touching
conversion c using property in a manner inconsistent owners rights
damages d monetary aware the court to person who has suffers loss or injury because of the act or omission of another
defamation false statement that injures ones reputation def
evidence e materials presented to prove or disprove alleged facts
false imprisonment f depriving a person of freedom of movement without performed
fraud fraud intentional misrepresentation of an existing important fact
intentional tort tort in which the defendant means to commit the injurious act
invasion of privacy unwelcome and unlawful intrusion into ones private life
judgment final result of a trial judgement
negligence negligence most common tort based on carelessness
strict liability holding a defendant liable
subpoena written court order comelling a person sub
testimony test statements by witnesses under oath
tort dt private or civil wrong fro which the laws grants
trespass to land trespass to be on the land of another without right or permission of the owner
verdict v jurys decision in a case
witness w individual with personal knowledge of important facts

Vocab 5

Question Answer
with a sharp point; keen and alert; sharp and severe; rising quickly to a high point and lasting for a short time acute
to talk or act in a noisy and threatening way; to blow in stormy gusts; speech that is loud and threatening bluster
to act or work clumsily and awkwardly; to ruin something through clumsiness bungle
a series of notes clarifying or explaining something; an expression of opinion commentary
the length of time that something continues or lasts duration
causing fear because of strangeness; weird, mysterious eerie
one aspect or side of a subject or problem; one of the cut surfaces on a gem facet
the state of being faithful; accuracy in details, exactness fidelity
a brawl, a noisy quarrel; to wear away by rubbing; make ragged or worn; to strain, irritate fray
willful, stubborn headstrong
one living permanently in a given place inhabitant
having lost the power or feeling or movement; to dull the feelings of; to cause to lose feeling numb
to make peaceful or calm; to soothe pacify
greedy; very hungry; eager for satisfaction ravenous
to prove incorrect refute
deep and painful regret for one's past misdeeds; pangs of conscience remorse
something that interferes with progress' a disappointment. unexpected loss or defeat; a step-like recession in a wall setback
over self-satisfied; self-righteous smug
a brief statement giving a general view of some subject; book; summary synopsis
to delay leaving; to linger, wait; to remain or stay for a while tarry

Q2socalstudy vocab

Term Definition
allies people or countries fighting on the same side against a common enemy
strategies overall plans,such as for winning a war
tacticts specific ways of carrying out a plan,such as ways of fighting battles
guerilla tacticts tactics used by fighters outside of a regular army,such as shooting a soldiers from hiding places in the woods
Declaration of indapendence The document written by Thomas Jefferson which declared the 13 colonies free of england
Second continental congress The second meeting of the 13 colonies where General Washington was hired and Continental Army was made
Common sense The booklet written by Thomas paine that argued for colonial independence in simple language
militia a army made up of ordinary people
treason the crime of disloyalty towards a leader or government
taxes required payments to a goverment
inflation money loses value when prices rise to quickly
ratify to approve something
shay's rebellion an uprising by Massachusetts's farmers against taxes
articles of confederation the first form of government by the 13 colonies;it did not succeed

Science Vocab

Question Answer
One of the different apparent shapes of the Moon as seen from Earth Phase
The partial or total blocking of one object in space by another Eclipse
The blocking of sunlight to Earth that occurs when the moon is directly between the Sun and Earth Solar eclipse
The darkest part of a shadow Umbra
The part of a shadow surrounding the darkest part Penumbra
The blocking of sunlight to the Moon that occurs when Earth is directly between the Sun and Moon Lunar eclipse
A system with two stars Binary star
A binary star system in which one star periodically blocks the light from the other Eclipsing binary
A star cluster that has a loose disorganized appearance and contains no more than a few thousand stars Open cluster
A huge group of single stars star systems star clusters dust and gas bound together by gravity Galaxy
A galaxy with a bulge in the middle and arms that spiral outward in a pinwheel pattern Spiral galaxy
A Galaxy shaped like a round or flattened ball generally containing only odd Stars Elliptical galaxy
A Galaxy that does not have a regular shape Irregular galaxy
An enormously bright distant Galaxy with a giant black hole at its Center Quasar


Question Answer
Accessible If something is accessible, then it can be reached
Putrid Putrid means disgusting.
Assail Assail means to attack.
Prodigious Prodigious means that something is great in extent, size, or degree.
Pinnacle The pinnacle is the top.
Revelry A revelry is a really big party.
Travesty If something is a travesty, then it is a false or distorted representation of another.
Abomination something that causes disgust or hatred.