buy cheap GOODYEAR® 179469492 - WRANGLER SR-A WITH OUTLINED WHITE LETTERING (LT245/70R17 R) for 2015 RAM 1500 TRUCK Ebay & Amazon

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WRANGLER SR-A Tires (179469492) by Goodyear®. LT245/70R17, Speed Index 106 mph, Max Load 2998 lbs, Tire Weight 43 lbs. Season: All Season. Type: Truck / SUV, All Terrain / Off Road / Mud. Sidewall Style: Outlined White Lettering. Enhanced traction, optimized tread wear, and responsive handling on wet roads are what you get by choosing this top-rate tire from Goodyear. Trusted for original equipment on leading pick-up trucks, this is the ultimate solution for highway driving.

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